Energy Efficient Operations

The B3 Energy Efficient Operations Program produces an Energy Efficient Building Operations Manual intended to sustain energy efficient operation throughout the life of a building. The Operating Manual is customized for each building and provides an easy-to-use protocol to be followed by the facility management and building operations staff. The Operations Program is available to all participants in the B3 Guidelines and SB 2030 Energy Standard programs. It is also available to participants in the State of Minnesota PBEEEP Program for existing buildings. This website is designed to guide the creation of custom manuals. In addition, it enables enhanced functionality like task documentation, task supervision, and e-mail alerts. For further information on the SB 2030 Building Operations Program, contact: Garrett Mosiman,

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The SB 2030 Energy Standard guides the design of an energy efficient building and the typical building commissioning process ensures that all systems are operating as designed. Periodically (every 5 years or so), buildings may be re-commissioned to see if things are still working and identify opportunities for upgrades to more efficient equipment. Energy Management Systems provide real time information on the operation of a building but are seldom used as a tool to optimize energy efficiency. None of these activities and programs address sustaining day-to-day operations at an optimal level. This gap is the intended target of the Energy Efficient Operations Manual and this web application.